How to Install Composite Decking with Hidden Fasteners?

How to Install Composite Decking with Hidden Fasteners?

Composite decking offers a durable and aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional wood decking. One of the advantages of composite decking is the ability to use hidden fasteners, which provide a smooth, screw-free surface. For homeowners in Stafford, VA, and beyond, here's a comprehensive guide from Arca Construction on how to install composite decking using hidden fasteners.

1. Gather Necessary Materials and Tools

Before starting, ensure you have all the necessary materials: Make sure what suits your need and space: wood or composite decking.

  • Composite decking boards
  • Hidden fasteners (clip systems)
  • Start and stop clips (for board edges)
  • Joists
  • Spacing tools
  • Standard woodworking tools (saw, drill, etc.)

2. Prepare the Foundation

Ensure that the joists are evenly spaced, typically 16 inches apart for residential decks. They should be level and free of any rot or damage. This will provide a solid foundation for your composite decking. Moreover, with all these things consider PVC decking too with all related issues and benefits.

3. Install Start Clips

Begin at the front edge of the deck. Attach start clips along the edge of the joists. These clips will hold the first row of decking in place.

4. Lay the First Board

Place the first composite board on the deck, ensuring it aligns with the start clips. The grooved edge should face outwards, ready for the next board.

5. Attach Hidden Fasteners

Slide the hidden fasteners into the grooved edge of the board so they sit on the joists. These fasteners will secure the board to the joists without being visible from the top.

6. Secure the Next Board

Position the next board so its grooved edge aligns with the hidden fasteners. Push the board down, allowing the fasteners to grip into the groove. This will lock the board in place.

7. Continue Laying Boards

Repeat the process, attaching hidden fasteners to the joists and securing the composite boards in place. Ensure each board is straight and maintains consistent spacing from its neighbor.

8. Use Spacing Tools

To maintain uniform gaps between the boards, use spacing tools. This ensures proper drainage and prevents any buckling as the boards expand and contract with temperature changes.

9. Secure the Final Board

When you reach the end of your deck, you may need to cut a board to fit the remaining space. Once cut, secure it in place using stop clips, ensuring it's flush with the edge of the deck.

10. Install Fascia Boards (Optional)

For a polished look, consider adding fascia boards around the deck's perimeter. These boards will cover the deck's edges and give your deck a finished appearance.


Installing composite decking with hidden fasteners provides a sleek, modern look free from visible screws or nails. The process is straightforward, and the result is a durable and beautiful deck surface. By following the steps above, homeowners can achieve a professional-looking deck that's ready for years of enjoyment. For those who want to add composite materials to this deck have to resurface the deck regularly.

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